Slings Myofascial Training

Movement that Benefits Life

  • You are increasing vitality for a longer ‘health span’
  • You are enjoying greater movement freedom through enhanced inner ease and strength
  • You are mastering the ebb and flow of life with more resilience, even verve



Slings Myofascial Training developed by Karin Gurtner is a holistic, fascia-focussed movement concept that engages body and mind. With a broad selection of multidimensional and adaptable exercises, this resource-oriented integrative practice aims to enhance postural ease and movement freedom, while strengthening health and vitality.

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During a Slings lesson, dynamic and rhythmic exercises, in a variety of body positions, are skilfully interwoven with gentle and melting motions with or without massage props.

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The Slings Myofascial Training education program provides movement professionals, bodyworkers, and therapists with science-informed, experience-proven tools of immediate practical value. 

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At Work

A self-supporting, whole-body practice, Slings may also be readily incorporated into modalities such as Pilates, yoga, dance, body-minded fitness classes, personal training, as well as physical and psychosomatic therapies.

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