Slings Myofascial Training Tools

For your Slings Myofascial Training a stylish tool kit is now available, in the usual, high-quality we always aim for. With the Slings Tool Kit you are perfectly equipped for all the Slings exercises and variations from Anatomy Trains in Motion through to your Slings Diploma and beyond.

Materials, sizes and shapes of the Slings Tools Kit were carefully selected to suit fascial characteristics, Slings Myofascial Training techniques and training aims. These tools are perfect for home, studio, or therapeutic use, as well as personal training and group classes.

The Slings Myofascial Training products can be bought as a complete set or individually (balls and domes are sold in pairs).

Slings Myofascial Training® Tool Set

Content 1 Kneeling Pad
2 Slings Myofascial Massage Balls
2 Slings Myofascial Massage Domes
2 Slings Myofascial Trigger Balls
1 Bag
Price CHF 87
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