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Swedish podcast by Maria Borelius:
Stell och trött? Så tar du hand om kroppens största organ!

Interview with Ceclia Douglas, art of motion educator and Slings Myofascial Training teacher.

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Heidi is passionate about empowering individuals, especially those sixty and older, to live their best life through healthy changes and intentional, intelligent movement. A podcast by Dr. Carly Hudson with guest Heidi Savage.

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An invigorating conversation with Karin Gurtner and her good friend and multitalented movement educator James Mattingley. James and Karin exchange embodied thoughts on the ponderable and imponderable aspects of movement and integral anatomy, on fascia as our richest sensory system and how seeking “noise” can override somatic “quiet”. An absolute pleasure to listen to. Enjoy! 

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3 August 2018 / 14 August 2018

Audio-education to take away. "We are a Body" is an interesting podcasts with Karin about what moves us and how movement therapy can be integrated by all bodyworkers.

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