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The art of motion online Academy is your access to comprehensive and professional movement education. Check out the available Slings Myofascial Training courses:

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion (ATiM)
  • Slings in Motion ATiM Exercise Library
  • Slings Essentials

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art of motion online learning

This educational video library contains twelve fascia-focussed movement practices. A short story accompanies each practice.

Every practice-story duo focuses on one of the Fascial Movement Qualities in the Slings Essentials manual. The collection is versatile, yet each practice has its own clearly defined theme and flavour.

If you have the Slings Essentials manual, you can use the included discount code to get a 25% reduction for this video library.

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Turn learning the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians into a joyful fascia-focussed movement practice.
In 15 target-oriented Slings in Motion sequences, Karin Gurtner takes you on a journey from the Superficial Back Line to the Ipsilateral Functional Line.

Embrace the opportunity to embody theory and gain precious knowledge that enables you to choose or adapt exercises for different myofascial purposes.

To support your learning, we recommend the Anatomy Trains in Motion Study Guide and the small set of Learning Cards.

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8 experts are coming together to interweave science and practice, cognition and inner wisdom, contemporary knowledge and experience-proven applications.

Tom Myers • Robert Schleip • Carla Stecco • Karin Gurtner • Joeri Calsius • Markus Rossmann • Julie Hammond • Fabiana Silva

1. Series: Up and Running
2. Series: Kinaesthetic Intelligence
3. Series: Core Vitality

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A science-informed and practice-relevant online continuing education series by Karin Gurtner for movement professionals and therapists.

The 12 webinars are bundled into 3 topics:

  • Functional Anatomy Spotlight
  • Simply Profound
  • What Moves You

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Created and presented by Karin Gurtner, produced by Yoga Journal.
Anatomy 201: Applied Principles of Movement is an online course where you learn more about functional and integral anatomy that’s relevant for yoga.

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IDEA: Anatomy 201