Podcast: We are a Body

If you are interested in understanding what moves us, you should tune in and listen to "We are a Body" with Karin Gurtner and Haley Winter from How's the Pressure. The two Podcasts (Part 1 & 2) cover everything from what it means to move and how that effects our relationship with our body, to the value of conscious movement training, and finally it gets more technical and Karin and Haley discuss the difference between proprioception and interception.

"We are a Body" - Part 1

[2:45] How she started out in movement therapy
[10:45] Translating anatomy trains into Movement
[13:19] What is a body?
[14:36] Current definition of movement
[23:42] Misconceptions about movement
[31:50] How to best use movement for our clients?
[35:42] What is the value of movement

Website: howsthepressure.com/we-are-a-body-w-karin-gurtner/ 

Apple Podcasts: podcasts.apple.com

"We are a Body" - Part 2

[00:55] Proprioception versus Interoception
[03:55] Interactive proprioception versus interoception exercise
[12:05] Benefits of conscious movement in daily life
[17:43] Ways massage therapist can better approach their work
[24:29] Massage therapists collaborating with movement therapists
[25:59] Memorable failure
[34:29] Her new habit
[40:29] Interactive exercise

Website: howsthepressure.com/we-are-a-body-w-karin-gurtner/ 

Apple Podcasts: podcasts.apple.com

Notable Quotes from Karin

“Our body is not a hierarchical system in which the brain is the dictator that determines what is going on underneath. There is free speech. Every system interacts and influences every other system and we interact with our environment and our environment shapes us.”

“By consciously training we can improve our kinesthetic sense, which enhances trust in my bodies ability to heal itself.”

“The organ of Kinesthesia is facia.”

“For me feeling encompasses both sensation and emotion. A sensation is the feeling of something, an emotion is how I feel about it.”