What is Slings Myofascial Training?

Key Features of Slings Myofascial Training


  • The movement practice deliberately engages and optimises the unique qualities fascia.


  • Existing physical, mental, and emotional abilities are identified and deliberately engaged.
  • Movement potential is recognised and utilised.
  • Self-healing is enhanced through internal empowerment.


  • Promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing facilitates holistic health.
  • Training smoothly coordinated whole-body movements enhances all-around functionality.
  • Can be combined with other body-minded modalities such as Pilates and yoga.


  • Deliberate movements are executed mindfully to fulfil specific aims.


  • For optimal body, mind, and feeling alignment, movement and breath are synchronised with awareness.


  • The extensive repertoire comprises a contrasting blend of differentiated and integrated exercises in all body positions.
  • The exercises and movement sequences are varied and diverse, ranging from slow and deep to dynamic and rhythmic, from stimulating and invigorating to mellow and melting.


  • The repertoire combines 3-dimensional movements and changing rhythms (4th dimension).
  • Movement patterns are deliberately trained within an optimal range to enhance efficiency.
  • Movement patterns are also trained outside of ‘optimal body alignments’ to increase everyday adaptability and resilience.


  • Movement patterns and the use of props (e.g., massage balls, massage domes, and trigger balls) are varied to attain different outcomes, meeting the mover where they are at.

Original and inspired

  • Included are unique Slings exercises and fascia-focused repertoire inspired by Contemporary Pilates, yoga, and structural integration.

Inside out and outside in

  • The exercises benefit the body from the core to the periphery and from the skin to the inner organs.
  • The practice can be viewed as a form of self-motivated bodywork.


  • The smooth-flowing sequences are functionally choreographed, imparting equal measures of harmony and purpose.

Slings Myofascial Training can be adapted to a person’s abilities, needs, and wants

  • From gentle to athletic
  • From general to goal-oriented
  • At all ages
  • At different fitness levels