Slings Online Theory Assessment

It’s important to teach Slings Myofascial Training from a sound knowledge base. Core competencies you need to know include an understanding of the myofascial anatomy of the Anatomy Trains lines as well as the 12 fascial movement qualities, and related training techniques.

You may book the online assessment any time after completing Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials but before the Slings Diploma Course. We recommend to do it straight after Slings Essentials.

Milestone & Part of the Slings Diploma

The online assessment is a milestone in your Slings education pathway and a prerequisite for your "Certificate of Completion: Slings Myofascial Training Foundation Level", as well as part of the Slings Diploma.


Online access is valid for 2 months after enrolment.

Slings Diploma Learner’s Guide

Slings Diploma Learner Guide is relevant for the Slings Online Theory Assessment as well as for the Slings Diploma. It gives you:

  • Detailed information about each certification component
  • Information on the depth and extent of the skills and knowledge assessed
  • Slings Online Theory Assessment sample questions

Download the Slings Diploma Learner’s Guide here.

Competency Score

You can repeat the quizzes as needed and as often as you like. Double checking answers is valuable learning in and of itself. However, because you can repeat the quizzes, we require you to complete them with a minimum score of 90%.

Certificate of Completion & Title

Completing the online assessment will grant you the following qualification:

Certificate of Completion Slings Myofascial Training Foundation Level
Title Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Foundation Level

Get Your Certificate

Get your Certificate of Completion “Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Foundation Level” after completing the Slings Online Theory Assessment by sending your existing certificates to

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion (face-to-face or online course)
  • Slings Essentials (face-to-face or online course)
  • Slings in Motion I  or Slings in Motion Blend (face-to-face course)
  • Slings Online Theory Assessment (online course)


See Slings Online Theory Assessment on the art of motion Online Academy page for pricing.