Self-Study Online Learning Courses

The art of motion online courses in Slings Myofascial Training are your access to comprehensive and professional movement education. No matter where you are in the world, enjoy courses where the latest fascia research is translated into practical techniques and functional movement repertoire.

Depending on your professional experience, lifestyle and location, the art of motion online courses are an excellent solution for your learning aims and needs. 

Self-study Online Learning Courses

Anatomy Trains in Motion

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Slings in Motion ATiM Exercise Library

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Slings Essentials

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In her engaging and competent manner, Karin Gurtner will teach you theory and guide you through the practical movement components of the course. The clear structure of the course will help you to build upon your knowledge base and embody our fascia-focused training concept.

To deepen your understanding and refine your movement skills, self-study and practise are required. One benefit to online learning is that you may review lectures several times. Study in a way that works best for you: with a pen and paper, drawing mind maps or exchanging thoughts with colleagues. Always work to incorporate the theory into your personal practise and teaching. Integrating what you learn will be a large part of your success story.

Course Structure

  • Enjoy small condensed blocks of content-rich lectures, practices and masterclasses as well as quizzes. 
  • The clear structure of the course will help you to build upon your knowledge base and embody our fascia-focused training concept.
  • Complete each course with a certificate of participation.


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Tools Needed


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Sample Lectures

Get an insight into our self-study online learning content and enjoy these free lectures with educational value.

Within these in-depth sessions you will learn the foundations to incorporate fascia-focused Slings exercises into your preferred movement or therapy method.


We believe that an embodied understanding of the Slings Myofascial Training foundations is a true qualifier for successful implementation. Enjoy movement sequences for your own personal benefit and understanding.


After learning the theory and trying movement sequences yourself, learn how and why specific exercises are taught in the Slings in Motion repertoire. Karin will break down elements of each move, combining theory and practical application.


How to Enrol

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