Slings BodyReading & Movement Strategies Foundations

Postural ease brings a feeling of inner lift and physical wellbeing. It is ergonomic, meaning standing is restful, allowing access to more energy for things more fun than laboriously resisting gravity. As a bonus, it enhances the body’s attractiveness. By learning to see structural relationships and myofascial patterns, a coherent Slings Myofascial Training strategy can be created to facilitate postural balance and, with it, the invaluable feeling of inner ease.

Reading the geometry of the body and drawing meaningful, practical conclusions is an art and a craft. The Slings BodyReading & Movement Strategy Foundations course has a well-contained structure, empowering participants to develop necessary skills with confidence. The step-by-step approach makes the complexity of postural patterns tangible and clearly explains the value of coherent exercise solutions.

Learning Objectives and Goals

In this course you will:

  • Learn key qualities that enable and sustain positive postural change.
  • Understand the value of the relationship between structural postural patterns and how posture feels.
  • Be clear about the difference between postural ease and active uprightness.
  • More deeply understand and appreciate 3 Fascial Movement Qualities in light of postural rebalancing: Kinaesthesia, tensile strength, and adaptability.
  • Become familiar with the Anatomy Trains-based BodyReading terminology.
  • Know the 7-Step BodyReading & Movement Strategies process in theory and practice.
  • Train your eyes to recognise bony relationships and associated myofascial patterns.
  • Understand 5 common postural patterns, the myofascial implications, and their impact on physical wellbeing.
  • Understand 2 additional postural considerations and their impact on physical functionality.
  • Know a set of 12 Slings in Motion exercises and posture-based variations to facilitate postural rebalancing.
  • Gain 3 well-rounded Slings in Motion sequences and posture-based variations to address the discussed postural patterns and considerations.
  • Receive a set of forms to use as references and templates.
  • Experience topic related master classes, movement sequences, and individual exercises.
  • Attain insight into your own postural patterns and how to attain greater ease and balance.

The course content is immediately relevant for yourself and your clients; in an individualised training or a group format.

Training Equipment

If you join this course live online, have the following training equipment ready:

General Conditions

Duration: 21 hours
Self-study time: 40 hours
Handout: Powerpoint presentation Slings BodyReading & Movement Strategies, evaluation forms
Prerequisite: Anatomy Trains in Motion
Slings Essentials
Slings in Motion Blend or Slings in Motion I
Certificate Certificate of Participation

Available Course Formats

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online

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