Slings Teaching

Slings Teaching is a rich course that ties together and complements the first five modules of the Slings diploma education. Focusing on acquiring a greater understanding of the "how-to" of functional choreography through the Slings repertoire, you will deepen your existing knowledge of the Slings concept. This course also includes both learning and practically implementing the lesson planning principles. 

This practice-oriented course is divided into 4 distinct, yet interrelated components:

  • Revising and refining core competencies of Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials in an interactive, playful manner to sharpen your understanding of myofascial anatomy and fascial qualities.
  • Discussing and practically applying 8 Slings lesson planning principles to enhance your teaching skills.
  • Learning techniques and creating functional choreography for even more deliberate teaching of the Slings in Motion repertoire.
  • Co-creating and experiencing Slings lessons of a different kind to expand your view on structural integration through motion.

Slings Teaching starts dynamically with interactive and playful, therefore lasting revisions of the theory components of the curriculum. This will lead us to the 8 lesson planning principles. Although there is no “set recipe“ for Slings in Motion lessons, we have included a map that outlines a well-working structure, which can be used as a guide.

From there we will fluently transition to functional choreography. In this section, different methods for creating group and personalized classes with specific functional outcomes are discussed and practically established. In this productive part you and your peers will create a variety of themed and seamless Slings in Motion sequences that you can immediately integrate into your teaching.

We will also offer you an expanded view on structural integration through motion, therefore we have incorporated collaborative lesson planning and executions. Let us surprise you! Naturally, daily master classes for deepened embodiment are part of the parcel.

Once you complete this course, you will have connected more “dots”, therefore gained an even deeper understanding of the Slings concept and ways to apply it in a deliberate manner that focusses on structural integration through motion.

Slings Teaching is a self-contained education that connects the individual modules of the Slings Myofascial Training diploma curriculum.

Learning Objectives and Goals

  • Have a sharper and more refined understanding of Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials.
  • Know and be able to practically apply the Slings lesson planning principles.
  • Understand and be able to utilize the guiding map for Slings in Motion lessons.
  • Understand methods of functional choreography with structural integration in mind.
  • Have a series of themed Slings in Motion sequences to take to your studio with you.
  • Have gained an expanded view on the meaning of structural integration through motion.
  • Have experienced a diverse range of Slings in Motion master classes.

Ensure Maximum Benefit

To ensure maximum benefit from this final course before your Slings Diploma certification, we ask that you know the muscles and fascia of the 12 Myofascial Meridians as discussed in the course and literature of Anatomy Trains in Motion. Knowing the bony attachment points will be a plus, though not required. Additionally, you will need to be able to name the 12 Fascial Movement Qualities, 12 Fascial Training Techniques, and 12 Fascial Training Aims as defined in Slings Essentials. 

Being well versed in this knowledge will be of great advantage, empowering you to delve deeper with more clarity and understanding into the subject matter of what functional fascia-focused training and Slings lesson planing entails. This will provide freedom to explore the content with depth and vigour. 

Training Equipment

If you join this course live online, have the following training equipment ready:


21 hours

Self-study time:

40 hours

Course material:

Slings Essentials: Manual for Embodied Learning (available at Amazon)
Have your Anatomy Trains in Motion course book or study guide as well as your Slings in Motion course books at hand


Anatomy Trains in Motion
Slings Essentials
Slings in Motion I
Slings in Motion II
Slings in Motion III


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  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online

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