Contemporary Pilates with FlowTonic® Pads


The album Contemporary Pilates with FlowTonic Pads includes a versatile selection of functionally choreographed, three-dimensional movement sequences. The short class are suitable for individual practice and will also inspire movement professionals.

FlowTonic pads are available for purchase at Vistawell Switzerland.

This album includes six thought-out movement sequences that combine smooth flowing toning and lengthening exercises; an interplay of strengthening, mobilisation, and stretching. With elaborated instructions, the sequences are an excellent tool for movement professionals to review and internalise functional anatomy.

Pure pleasure for the body and soul!

Each sequence:

  • Includes 10-15 exercises and variations
  • Is 15-30 minutes long


  • FlowTonic® pads
  • Mat

Training Environment

We recommend folding or cutting your mat in half to ensure that you have sufficient room to glide. FlowTonic® pads work well on wooden and linoleum floors. Plastic pads are recommended when training on carpet. Try it out! 

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