My Daily Practise Vol. 2

This Slings in Motion album contains a versatile selection of functionally choreographed movement sequences for the whole body with exercises in standing, sitting, weight bearing, kneeling, prone and supine. The sequences are suitable for personal practise and for teaching (if you are a certified movement professional).

The exercises and transitions are demonstrated with precision. The movement mechanics and anatomy are explained in detail with easy to understand language and complemented with imagery.

Back to Front: Strong and Open

The Superficial Back Line (SBL) is a resilient sling. Like a tough elastic band, it connects the underside of your feet with the back of the pelvis and the head. The Superficial Front Line (SFL) is its counter-partner in the front of your body. These slings are posturally and in movement supported by the DFL aka your myofascial core.

In this empowering, stimulating and grounding Slings in Motion sequence you will tone and lengthen, soften and hydrate the involved muscles and fascia. It will add stamina and suppleness to your SBL, strength and openness to your SFL and vigour to your DFL.

The seamlessly flowing sequence comprises exercises in standing, supine and sitting. The props to have are two soft massage balls.

Side to Side and All Around: Agile and Strong

Your Lateral Lines (LL) run along the sides of the body and your Spiral Lines (SPL) wrap around it like a double helix. Think of these resilient slings as long elastic bands made up of muscles and fascia. Your Deep Front Line (DFL) is the core sling that dynamically stabilises your body from within.

This Slings in Motion sequence is full of arcs and spirals that will enhance joint mobility, fascial glide and hydration along with tone and movement coordination. It will promote ease and a sense of expansion in your LL as well as strength and sensory awareness to your SPL.

As a bonus, it opens and lifts your DFL. The multidimensional sequence comprises exercises in sitting, weight bearing, kneeling and supine. The props to have are two soft massage balls. Using a yoga block is optional.

Inside Out and Outside In: Multidimensional Movement Freedom and Connectedness

The Deep Front Line (DFL) represents your body’s myofascial core. Its muscles and fascia dynamically stabilise you from the inside of the feet up the midline of the body to the head. Your Arm Lines (ALs) connect your hands to your trunk or your spine to your fingertips.

This multidimensional Slings in Motion sequence is filled with unusual stretches and wave-like spiralling motions for the shoulders and the spine. It will enhance myofascial length and tone, glide and hydration along with your overall physical adaptability (a great quality to have). Regarding the myofascial meridians, the short lesson increases movement freedom and strength in your ALs as well as vigour in your DFL.

The sequence comprises exercises in sitting, weight bearing, prone and supine. The props to have are one soft massage ball as well as a yoga block, second massage ball or a cushion.

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