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We believe in sharing knowledge and resource-oriented movement practices generously. Therefore, we offer you this media centre of free resources. Enjoy browsing and moving!


Did you know that our YouTube channel offers a diverse selection of free Slings Myofascial Training and Contemporary Pilates practices, lectures of personal and professional value, as well as engaging information clips about our education offerings? If not - or if yes - click here and get inspired.

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Our selection of printable posters combines information and aesthetics. Why? Because aesthetic means perception by the senses, therefore greater ‘embrainment’ of information. The posters feature movement sequences and inspiration as well as key content. Adorn the walls of your studio or clinic. You could also simply stick them on your fridge or into a notebook. 

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Finding what you are looking for in volumes of audible material can be challenging. We have taken away the challenge of sorting through the jumble in our fine selection of podcasts and interviews that are sure to enrich your learning and your life.

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Articles are such a great way to share food for thought in an easily digestible manner. For bite-sized information on topics worth talking about, check out our menu of free essays.

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Contemporary Pilates: Open Source Library

In this exclusive, open-source library, we offer you 9 comprehensive Contemporary Pilates manuals that were part of a former art of motion diploma education. The detailed exercise descriptions are illustrated with a multitude of professional photos, showing every phase of a movement. Pilates is always contemporary. Why not enrich your library today with one or more of these manuals!

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