Contemporary Pilates Open Source Library

Contemporary Pilates is an integral part of art of motion Academy. In Switzerland, we offer foundation and advanced level certification courses in Pilates Matwork and Reformer, as well as a broad spectrum of continuous education courses for teachers and therapists.

For the international movement community, a Contemporary Pilates Open Source Library, containing nine in-depth manuals (English, edition 2010) with detailed photographic references, is available. Together with the art of motion team, Karin poured heart and soul and thought into these science-informed, experience-proven instruction manuals. We do hope that providing them at no cost will benefit many Pilates professionals around the world, and in turn, will benefit many of their clients, increasing social wellbeing at large.

Pilates & Props: Roller
Pilates & Props: Toning Balls
Pilates & Props: Magic Circle
Pilates Progress & Release