Opening and Embracing the Armoured Body

Experiencing our bodies and lives more fully can feel exuberant; it can also be terrifying. Sometimes these contrasting feelings happen at the same time, especially when a ‘myofascial armour’ loses its grip, moving us toward greater integrity and inner freedom. 

Dr Joeri Calsius and Karin Gurtner invite you to an invigorating, mind expanding, and fun Swiss mountain retreat. The beauty of the Graubünden facilitates exploring the hidden valleys and unprobed peaks of the inner landscape with a balanced blend of interactive lectures, diverse movement, mindfulness practices, play, and quality time for yourself and spent with others.

The central theme of this retreat is the ‘myofascial armour’, a phenomenon frequently seen in the daily practice of the somatic psychologist, observant bodyworker, and body-minded movement teacher. The ‘myofascial armour’ expresses how stress or trauma-related tension got settled in the body. After exploring this intriguing psychosomatic phenomenon from a scientific perspective, you will be introduced to Experiential Bodywork®. This transdisciplinary framework will help you better understand body-mind interactions like the armoured body. Additionally, it will illuminate the therapeutic potential of body-minded practices such as Slings Myofascial Training®. 

All three days will be filled with lots of movement! You will explore ways to open and embrace a myofascial armour with resource-oriented practices, contemplative and dynamic activities that wake up the senses, interactive exercises, and playful engagements with self and others. You will also learn—mentally and somatically—about the value of meta-awareness and mindfulness practice for a greater feeling of belonging.

To make good things even better, the Kurhaus Bergün is sustainability-conscious and an absolute delight. Its art nouveau interior is a treat for the senses; so is the hospitality of the team. The fine wellness area and the surrounding nature, inviting you to let every-day tensions melt away and rejuvenate the mindbody. We trust that your palate will celebrate the seasonal, honest, (when possible) local, and organic mountain cuisine.

Joeri’s expertise in clinical psychology, osteopathy, integrated bodywork, and philosophy coupled with Karin’s skills in resource-oriented movement, Structural Integration, and building bridges between science and exercise, make this offering unique and intended to enrich you personally and professionally. Karin and Joeri are looking forward to co-creating three unforgettable days in the Swiss alps together with you!

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When: 19 – 21 June 2023
Presenter: Dr Joeri Calsius & Karin Gurtner
Bring along: Yoga/Pilates mat
Regular price: CHF 1'200
Early bird price: CHF 950
Payment until 19 April 2023

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Joeri is a clinical psychologist (PhD.), osteopath DO and integrated bodyworker. He also studied physical therapy and cultural philosophy (MA) and specialized in myofascial bodywork and body psychotherapy. 

He is a part-time academic professor and teaches at several post-graduate programs. 

As an independent researcher Joeri writes on different topics of integrated bodywork from a transdisciplinary angle and is author of several peer-reviewed articles and handbooks on these topics, such as Treating Psychosomatic Patients. 

Karin is a bodymind movement expert certified in a broad range of methods as well as Structural Integration.

She is the founder and educational director of art of motion and developer of Slings Myofascial Training, a resource-oriented integrative movement concept, which includes Anatomy Trains in Motion.

As an author of several books and video content creator, Karin is specialised in fascia-focussed movement training and functional anatomy, topics that she also presents at international conferences and for partner institutes. 



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