Elevate your practice and teaching skills with personalised coaching. 

Our educators' and ambassadors' tailored coaching sessions are designed with you in mind. Whether you are looking to perfect your technique, excel in your Slings Diploma journey, or invest in your personal and professional growth, the art of motion team is here to support you.

  • Refine Your Technique: Fine-tune your movements and elevate your teaching skills with expert guidance.
  • Slings Diploma Preparation: Prepare for your Slings Diploma journey under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.
  • Invest in Yourself: Prioritise your growth and well-being by embarking on a personalised coaching journey.

Why Choose Our Coaching Sessions?

  • Personalised Training: Our coaching sessions offer more than just training; they are a gateway to broaden and deepen your skills.
  • Experienced Coaches: Connect with educators and ambassadors who bring years of professional experience to the table, both in group and private settings.
  • Tailored Attention: Receive focused and dedicated attention from a coach committed to your progress.

Meet Your Coach

Your coach is not just an educator or ambassador, but a partner in your journey. They possess a wealth of experience, both in group classes and personal trainings, making them an experienced guide for your growth.

  • Live Online Sessions: All our coaches offer live sessions via Zoom, allowing you to connect from anywhere.
  • Face-to-Face Sessions: Experience the richness of in-person sessions at your coach's residence.

Connect with your chosen coach directly to discuss your needs and preferences.

Muriel Morwitzer

email /

Factsheet Coaching with Muriel

Australia, Switzerland
Stephanie Ross-Russell

email /

Factsheet Coaching with Stephanie

UK, Oxford
Aimee Baker  
Alexa Nehter email / Australia
Anneke Kruger email / UK, South Africa
Cecilia Douglas email / Sweden
Celia Chiang email / Taiwan
Maria Cristina Ferri email / Italy
Karin Lerche Jensen email / Denmark
Kathryn Martin email / USA, Canada
Kiki Vance email USA
Leanne Hahn email Israel, Hungary
Lida Lavrukovich email Russia
Li King Ying Doris  email / Hong Kong
Živa Olup  email / Slovenia