About the Webinars

You may join any of the self-contained webinars or do all as a series on their specified dates.  If you choose the latter, rest assured that there is a intentional flow and clear structure provided. 

Functional Anatomy Spotlight

Anchoring movement intuition in anatomy

What We Offer
Karin offers you an anatomical explanation for what many movers intuitively know.

What You Gain
The Functional Anatomy Spotlight webinar series will empower your movement practice and teaching tools by broadening your anatomy horizon and sharpening your movement intention, which in turn sustains or enhances your life quality.

Webinar Schedule

Different Core Competence: Deep Front Line 23 January 2021  
Thoracolumbar Fascia: Central Roundhouse with Bodywide Influence 5 February 2021  
Multidimensional Dynamic Stability: Training Inner Togetherness 12 February 2021  
Myofascial Pathway to the Pelvic Floor: Adductor Magnus 26 February 2021  


Simply Profound

Simplicity is the essence of complexity.

What We Offer
Karin offers you a profound insight into the functional anatomy and exercise execution of seemingly simple Slings exercises.

What You Gain
The Simply Profound webinar series gives you an embodied understanding of training aims and the tremendous real-life benefits for your health and functionality.

Webinar Schedule

(Re)Balancing the Pelvis 5 March 2021  
Unwinding the Core 12 March 2021  
Elasticising the Body 9 April 2021  
Empowering the Arms 23 April 2021  
Invigorating the Spine & Inner Organs 7 May 2021  
Strengthening the Abdominals & Nourishing the Back 4 June 2021  

What moves you

Confidence and self-awareness: Self-Aware-Being
(translated from the lovely German pun “selbst-bewusst-sein”)

What We Offer
Karin offers you science-informed, experience-based tools to sharpen your internal body image, recognise its emotional colouring, and make health-oriented choices.

What You Gain
The What Moves You webinar series gives you felt understanding of your inner motivations, the joy of being at home in the body, and the power of self-determination.

Webinar Schedule

Interoceptive Soundscape: Fine-Tuning Inner Ease 26 March 2021  
Feeling of Self-Determination: Move and Be Moved 21 May 2021  

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