We show respect and appreciation for our viewers by meticulously preparing coherent content for our webinars, each delivered with professionalism, presence, and humour (because humour should be part of any serious learning endeavour).

These science-informed, experience-based webinars are affordable yet give you access to nuanced and leading-edge expert knowledge. Every webinar is filled to the brim, making them proven treasures that will keep on giving.

Because we believe in empowering people to empower themselves, we are offering 3 distinct and brand-new webinar series that aim to benefit you professionally and personally alike.

8 experts from the fields of fascia research, psychology, structural integration, physical therapy, sports science and medicine, and resource-oriented integrative movement are coming together to interweave science and practice, cognition and inner wisdom, contemporary knowledge and experience-proven applications.

1. Series: Up and Running
2. Series: Kinaesthetic Intelligence
3. Series: Core Vitality

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Karin's Webinar Series 2021 was streamed and recorded from January to June 2021. The 12 webinars are bundled into 3 topics:


  • Functional Anatomy Spotlight
  • Simply Profound
  • What Moves You

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