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We do not hide innovations, news or changes. You will find the most important things here in the news channel.

A look behind the curtain, discussing and experiencing Anatomy Trains in Motion and the anti-fragility of fascia with Thomas W. Myers and Karin...

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Karin’s World

Karin’s real world consists of overwhelming thinking and paperwork. However, this is how she spares us. She lets us take part in her travelling, learning and teaching experiences in Karin's World.

Such a great extended weekend at our education base in Berne! While a very focussed group of future instructors wrapped their head around Pilates...

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You will meet us at external events and movement conferences and conventions.

Switzerland, 10 November 2017

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Brilliant Teaching Tips

You are brilliant, no question. These are some tips to help you to shine even more.

It seems somehow trivial, but it is very important. We know some people who no longer train, only teach (unfortunately).

As a Pilates teacher, you...

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Specialist Articles

In this section you will find media posts and specialist articles.

How do you maintain an upright posture? Where does coordination come from? Or seemingly elusive sensations like spaciousness, weightiness or buoyancy?...

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