Further Resources

  • Practices with educational value in Slings Myofascial Training.
  • Functionally choreographed movement sequences
  • Movement mechanics and anatomy are explained in detail
  • For personal practice and teaching inspiration

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  • Tutorials and short practices in Slings Myofascial Training
  • Information about our movement concepts, interviews and our latest releases. 
  • For people who like to practise at home, learn new cues and movement sequences for their next class.

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2hr live webinars about specific topics including movement sequences.
Recordings available for registered participants. 

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Applied Principles of Movement

An online course with Karin Gurtner where you learn more about functional and integral anatomy that’s relevant for yoga and any other movement modalities.

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Coaching is a wonderful tool if you are looking to refine your technique, are preparing for your Slings Diploma or purely to invest in you and your growth. 

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Contemporary Pilates: Open Source Library

Karin invested a decade of her life in composing in-depth education manuals with detailed photographic references for Contemporary Pilates courses. These beautiful manuals are great resources when it comes to Contemporary Pilates. We believe they might help you on your journey as a movement professional or body worker. Therefore, they are made available to you at no cost. Enjoy! 

Check out the Contemporary Pilates Open Source Library