Slings in Motion III

Slings in Motion II is a repertoire course. The smooth exercise repertoire focuses on the myofascial core and the Arm Lines of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept. The Functional Lines are also incorporated. The short lectures included revolve around two essential qualities of Slings Myofascial Training: Fascia as a sensory organ, Perception.

Truly volumetric, the Deep Front Line shapes the body from within. While there is hardly any movement exclusively inherent to the Deep Front Line, there is no movement outside its influence. It is the line that genuinely elongates the body (and lifts the spirit).

While the neck and shoulders have been an expression of beauty and power since ancient times, every message we convey effectively is supported with matching gestures of arms and hands. It is the balance in all four Arm Lines that brings ease, functional strength and expressiveness to our upper girdle and limbs.

In many athletic activities the crossing Functional Lines add power to the spiralling whole-body Myofascial Meridians.

Each Slings in Motion III exercise and its variations are executed and thoroughly discussed. To further embodiment, enhance understanding of exercise aims and their contribution to myofascial training as a whole, the studied repertoire is woven into functional sequences and master classes.

Content & Goals

  • Exercise repertoire revolving around the following Anatomy Trains’ Myofascial Meridians in theory and practice:
    • Deep Front Line.
    • Deep and Superficial Arm Lines.
  • Exercise variations and sequences of the following lines in practice.
    • Superficial Back Line, Superficial Front Line, Lateral Line and Spiral Line.
  • Experiencing a blend of dynamic and melting exercises and movement sequences.
  • Discussing and experiencing myofascial training aims.
    • Dynamic stability, adaptability, responsiveness, elasticity, glide, relaxation, tissue hydration and nourishment, body and movement awareness.
  • Feeling the effect and implications of individual exercises and the training as a whole.
  • Studying exercise aims and movement anatomy.
    • Short and long-term goals, applied Slings Training Principles and Training Techniques, involved myofascial structures, integration of props, exercise adaptations.
  • Examining the value of specific exercise sequencing.
  • Deepening the understanding of the following two essential Slings training components:
    • Fascia as a sensory organ.
    • Perception.
  • Studying and executing SynerChi Melt.
    • A mellow flowing sequence that works deep within the body.
  • Experiencing Slings master classes.
    • Multifaceted movement lessons blending dynamic flow and melting motions.
Duration: 4 days (28 hours)
Selfstudy time: 56 hours
Regular price: AUD 1'200
Early bird price: AUD 1'080
Handout: In-depth education manual with detailed photographic references.
Prerequisite: Slings Foundation Education, Slings in Motion II.
Certificate: Certificate of Attendance.