Slings Coaching

Slings Coaching is all about you, your movement execution of Slings Myofascial Training exercises, and clarifying your subject matter knowledge.

You will perform key Slings exercises and sequences, demonstrating them without giving instructions. The educator will focus on your movement initialisation and exercise execution, providing feedback. 

Learning Objectives and Goals

In the Slings Coaching course, you can train your proprioception and self-awareness in a small group of professionals under the guidance of an art of motion educator. If undesirable posture or movement patterns have crept in unconsciously, this course provides the opportunity to become aware of it. You will receive the full attention of the educator, who will observe your movement, passing on individualized tips. The goal is to deepen and optimise your practice.

In Slings Coaching, you will consolidate and refine your understanding of Slings exercises as well as your movement competence. You will take this strengthened competence into your teaching or Slings Diploma assessment preparation.
Slings Coaching is suitable for students on their Slings education pathway and certified Slings teachers who want to focus on their own practice.

We currently offer the following Slings Coaching courses:

  • Slings in Motion Blend Coaching
  • Slings in Motion I Coaching
  • Slings in Motion II Coaching
  • Slings in Motion III Coaching

General Conditions

Duration 2 half days à 3.5 hours (7 hours)
Prerequisite Slings in Motion Blend Coaching: Slings in Motion Blend
Slings in Motion I Coaching: Slings in Motion I
Slings in Motion II Coaching: Slings in Motion II
Slings in Motion III Coaching: Slings in Motion III
Certificate Certificate of participation


Have your relevant Slings in Motion manual ready.

Individual Coaching

If you wish a 1-to-1 coaching, make an appointment with an art of motion educator.