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Slings Myofascial Training is a continuing education program that has been designed for movement professionals, bodyworkers, and therapists. Each module is a self-contained fascia training course with a clearly defined pathway; when put together they form the complete Slings Myofascial Training diploma education.

In the first 2 modules of the Slings Myofascial Training program, it is our goal to present complex anatomy and fascia research findings in a comprehensive, yet humanly accommodating manner. Through deliberate fascia-focused exercises and master classes, the theory is brought to life - in the body - as a memorable experience of immediate value. Said differently, while feeding your brain with information worth remembering, you enhance your body’s strength, ease, verve, and vigour with congruent movement practices. If you complete Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials with greater depth and latitude in your anatomy knowledge, we have done a good job. If you fall in love with anatomy, together, we attained what we aspire: ignite and fuel the fire for integral and functional anatomy, and the love for learning.

With the brain on fire and the body craving more resource-oriented, integrative movement, we roll out the mat and gather the Slings massage tools for Slings in Motion Blend or the Slings in Motion I, II, and III courses. By experiencing more than 90 fascia-focused, multidimensional exercises for the whole body, you can bounce, swing, roll, spiral, wave, melt, and massage to your heart’s content, or your fascia’s satisfaction.

This science-informed, experience-proven education tensegrity is enriched with a gem that is more thrilling and insightful than the best novel on the bookshelf: Slings BodyReading and Movement Strategies.
Slings Teaching is the course that ties it all together.

At art of motion, we strongly believe in giving generously and supporting people in their choices. Each module is self-supporting, and of immediate value for movement professionals, bodyworkers, and therapists. Therefore, doing one module is a win. To gain the most from your Slings Myofascial Training education, we either recommend the well-rounded Slings Foundation Level Certification (3 modules plus theory assessment) or the comprehensive Slings Diploma pathway (7 modules plus diploma course).

See you in class soon, face-to-face or live online!

Course Formats

We take pride in offering you the Slings Myofascial Training education program in different course formats such as:

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