Yoga Journal: Anatomy 201

Anatomy 201: Applied Principles of Movement is an online course where you learn more about functional and integral anatomy that’s relevant for yoga.

Movement is an art and a science. To deepen your understanding of both aspects, join Karin Gurtner—founder and principal educator of art of motion training in movement and developer of Anatomy Trains in Motion—for an online course in functional anatomy. You’ll study muscles in motion and myofascial connections throughout your body and learn to move with more awareness from head to toe. Through contrasting movement practices, you’ll explore and improve your postural alignment, inner and outer strength, adaptability, and kinesthetic sense to complement your yoga practice and your teaching.

Yoga is a powerful practice, yet it doesn’t always help you establish a healthy degree of dynamic stability and balanced flexibility between myofascial units. Building on Anatomy 101 with Tom Myers, you’ll explore functional anatomy of your entire body by starting at your feet and legs; moving to the fans of your hip; and up to your abdomen, chest, spine, shoulders and hands. This course will get you moving as you consider the interplay of muscles and fascia and learn how to establish a healthy balance between joint mobility and stability, muscle flexibility, and fascial adaptability to benefit your yoga practice and every step you take.

Course Objectives

  • Learn about functional and integral anatomy that’s relevant for yoga
  • Explore the functional qualities of your muscles and fascia
  • Address muscular imbalances and improve your movement patterns
  • Understand how to improve structural and body-mind integration through conscious movement

You’ll get

  • Anatomy lectures that introduce movement principles
  • A series of practices to help you explore myofascial anatomy and movement patterns
  • Tips for how to incorporate the movement lessons into your asana practice

Course Details

  • Language: English
  • Price: USD 300

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