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Why Slings Myofascial Training?

Fascial vigour and inner ease benefit you for life.

Slings Myofascial Training is an instrument for positive change to be(come) the best version of yourself. The multidimensional fascia-focussed practice boosts vitality and inner ease. Movements become more fluid and swinging, the body more adaptable and resilient. Thinking is clearer, presence deeper. Emotional tranquillity arises. In short: feeling human is a joy (again).



Practice with Karin & the art of motion Team

Treat yourself – regardless of your fitness level - with fascia-focused training that invigourates the body from the outside in and inside out.

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What do you think about a wide variety of online movement practices that will invigorate your body and inspire your teaching? And how do you feel, knowing that every single practice is experience-proven, infused with purpose, and recorded with your best interest in mind? If words like ‘good’, ‘great’, or ‘fantastic’ come to mind, our professionally filmed practices will resonate with you.

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Our props are skin and environmentally friendly, manufactured in Italy, and produced with care. Every piece has been tried and tested until its size, material, texture, and firmness were ideal. We hope you will love the Slings massage balls, massage domes, trigger balls, and the kneeling pad as much as we do!

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Start Today with Slings Myofascial Training

  • For greater vitality, so you can enjoy life and your humanness to the fullest
  • For more movement freedom, so you can do necessary activities with ease and desired activities with zest
  • For an extra dose of fascial fitness, so you walk, play sports, or engage in everyday tasks with spring and buoyancy
  • For a more defined body, so you feel extra satisfied with the way you look
  • For lightness in your being, so you can take challenges in your stride and pause to celebrate successes
  • For strengthened resilience, so you can bounce back from adversity and move forward with a feeling of empowerment
  • For enhanced self-healing, so you can move out of pain and regain wellbeing and somatic trust
  • For greater physical integrity, so you are at one with all your body