Pregnancy in Motion

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a major transition in a woman’s life. Physical and emotional changes take place as soon as pregnancy begins, as the body directs one’s attention inward, and continue throughout the duration. Pregnancy in Motion presents you with insights into these changes and how you can best support them.

The theory component of this course comprises topics related to functional anatomy, as well as applied Contemporary Pilates and Yoga principles. Specific breathing techniques and exercises are discussed and then implemented in practise.

The same is done for a selection of foot exercises; never underestimate the importance of your support base, especially during pregnancy! The changes that occur during individual trimesters and in the postnatal period are thoroughly explained and discussed, so that you as a movement teacher can integrate this knowledge into a sensitive, modified and enriching lesson.

Content & Goals

  • Pregnancy in Motion Master Class.
  • Develop a balanced approach to pregnancy and exercise, incorporating the movement knowledge and medical science of the Western world with the holistic movement approach and wisdom of the Eastern cultures.
  • Develop a sound understanding of the physical and postural changes that take place during the three trimesters, as well as post-pregnancy.
  • Sensitise yourself to the physiological and mental changes that occur during pregnancy.