Pilates Tactile Cueing

After this course you will be able to guide and support body positions and movement patterns with verbal and tactile cues, in a purposeful way and with clear intentions. Through this your participants will experience enhanced body awareness and optimised movement efficiency. Teaching through touch is one of the most effective and efficient teaching tools within the Pilates Method. As an additional teaching tool you will look more closely at the benefits of kinesthetic cueing. These are aimed at proprioception which influences the way we perceive movement and can greatly increase movement quality and the benefits of an exercise.

Content & Goals

  • By learning how to verbally cue in a more refined and differentiated manner, you are expanding your knowledge about body awareness while directly enhancing it.
  • You understand the effects and rules of touch with respect to tactile cueing and can apply and implement them as follows: Direct support and guidance with your hands; Indirect support and guidance with props such as Yogabelts/straps and towels.
  • You will practice guiding, supporting and correcting body positions and known Pilates exercises on other course participants.
  • You will know several ways of supporting a specific exercise. You are learning to optimise and observe your own movement patterns in a differentiated manner.