Pilates & Props: Roller, Toning Balls, Magic Circle

Entire classes can be created around a specific prop or props, or props can be used to complement your existing Matwork classes. Refine movement awareness and challenge your participants differently through the use of props. Rollers, Toning Balls and Magic Circles can be introduced at any level and can assist in fulfilling various purposes: Improve balance within core stability and core strength, enhance muscular feedback and optimise alignment, get even deeper into stretches and release pesky tight areas… As you can see, when incorporating props the spectrum of use and the benefits are unlimited, and boredom will never enter the equation!

Content & Goals

  • You will experience two Master classes utilising props in which you will recognise the special characteristics of each individual prop.
  • You will receive an extensive and in-depth exercise repertoire for each individual prop, from moderate to intermediate level of difficulty inclusive of regressions, progressions, variations and modifications.
  • We will analyse the repertoire in regards to Functionality, Purpose and Benefits.
  • You recognise common faulty movement patterns and will be able to suggest adjustments through verbal and tactile cueing.