Pilates Functional Choreography

Have you ever wondered when training is ‘functional’ and when it's not? It’s certainly a term open for interpretation, especially where science meets practical applications. During this course we will discuss the terms ‘functionality’, ‘functional training’ and ‘training for function’, which nowadays exist in every fitness professional and movement teacher’s vocabulary, and are common expressions in the body/mind industry. We will also look at sequencing and choreography – by themselves but also in relation to training for specific functions. Systems and templates have been created to make all of this information useable and applicable to a wide range of movement arts and sports. To be expected, throughout the course all of this theory will be put it into practice.

Content & Goals

  • 2 Choreographed Pilates Master Classes.
  • Discussion and possible definition of the terms ‘functionality’ and ‘training for function’.
  • Definition of the terms ‘sequence’, ‘sequencing’ and ‘choreography’.
  • Analysis and structuring of a functional sequence.
  • Analysis of choreography and teaching choreography.
  • Practical implementation and analysis of Contemporary Pilates sequences.
  • Structuring of a sequence and a choreographed Pilates lesson.