Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow broadens your knowledge & expertise as a teacher by increasing your understanding of Pilates-specific anatomy and expanding your matwork Repertoire & teaching skills, thereby allowing you to create seamless, fluid choreographies that are both contemporary & functional.

Content & Goals

  • The anatomy section is specific to Pilates Flow and examines the characteristics of skeletal muscles. The core of the anatomy section however, revolves around the kinesiology of the pelvic floor, active-dynamic pelvic floor training and it’s benefits, and integration possibilities into Contemporary Pilates.
  • Pilates Flow delivers an extensive chapter on teaching methodology and didactics, including special focus on imagery and kinaesthetic cueing and how these can aid the progress of your client’s learning and execution. You will revise the basic communication principles and refine your skills that are required to present clear, flowing instructions that will encourage your participants to tune in and access their inner sense.
  • You will be presented with 40 intermediate matwork exercises from the Pilates Flow Repertoire including regressions, progressions, variations and modifications adaptable for all ages, levels and abilities. Practical application of each exercise is an integral part of the course; each exercise will be analysed for clear understanding of movement mechanics, benefits, muscles involved, purpose, exercise-specific cueing and active-dynamic pelvic floor integration.