Pilates Essentials

Pilates Essentials is a course that covers the skills and knowledge required to teach safe and effective Pilates lessons with a contemporary and functional approach.

Content & Goals

  • Over the course duration of five days you will learn about the history and fundamentals of the Pilates Method, the 9 Key Elements with  strong focus on centering and breathing, and the Mechanical Principles which lay the foundation of Contemporary Pilates.
  • The basics of Pilates-relevant anatomy and biomechanics are taught and integrated into the Repertoire as a significant part of the course. Basic kinesiology and the relevance of the pelvis and pelvic floor, in addition to the shoulder girdle, are discussed with regards to Pilates.
  • Furthermore, you will explore the structure and fundamental principles of core stabilisation training, as well as the importance of adequate mobility and flexibility.
  • You will be provided with an extensive Pilates Essentials Repertoire including 33 exercises with multiple regressions, progressions, variations and modifications which allow you to adapt any exercise to suit all levels and abilities. The Repertoire is studied thoroughly, encompassing movement mechanics, muscles involved and purposes for each Pilates exercise, as well as safe and effective implementation techniques for either group or personalised training sessions.
  • This education course is completed with an in-depth chapter about Contemporary Pilates teaching methodology and didactics. Pilates lesson plans will be structured along with your own body-maintenance program to further develop your skills and ability.