Pilates Anatomy

Pilates Anatomy presents the fundamental principles of functional anatomy, structural kinesiology and biomechanics to give you a sound foundation that directly relates to Pilates. It's an ideal introduction for those who are just beginning their Contemporary Pilates journey, and of equal benefit to those who want to refresh and refine their existing knowledge or deepen their understanding of the body's pilates-relevent anatomy.

Content & Goals

Fundamental principles of structural kinesiology.

  • Terminology.
  • Anatomical positions.
  • Planes of movement & centre of gravity.
  • The skeleton & categories of bones & joints.
  • Differentiating motion.

Neuromuscular fundamentals.

  • Muscle terminology.
  • Relevant muscles & muscle groups.
  • Abdominal muscles.
  • Muscle actions.
  • Neural control & voluntary movement.
  • Length-tension relationship