Way into the modern method

Joseph Pilates was a man who developed his method steadily. If he were still alive, the Pilates method would certainly not remain unchanged. The way into the modern and continuous development of our training program is in line with the meaning of the original philosophy.

Karin Gurtner, the developer of our contemporary Pilates method, is a teacher of yoga, Pilates and Gyrokinesis® as well as a Kinesis Myofascial Integration therapist who admires the work of Dr Ida P. Rolf, Thomas W. Myers, Eric Franklin®, Moshé Feldenkrais and many other talented people. Therefore, the principles of these teaching methods are incorporated into our Contemporary Pilates.

Together with a team of motivated and highly qualified teachers, we have developed a Pilates style which is modern, efficient and holistic; and as such combines the interaction of the classical Pilates method, the modern science, the wisdom of the Eastern art of motion as well as the experience of people who move.