Contemporary Pilates is suitable for exercise as well as for therapy and can be offered as group classes or individual training sessions.

The Contemporary Pilates concept, developed by art of motion training in movement, respects the classical principles of Pilates. With the knowledge of holistic anatomy and modern science of motion, Karin Gurtner has given the method multidimensionality and adapted functional goals to today's realities.

The repertoire has been extended by a variety of exercises that can be built upon and designed safely and efficiently at any level. Each movement is performed with clear intention and body awareness.

Due to differentiated work, the method is tremendously efficient when it comes to short-term goals, such as pain-free motion and functional strength; as well as long-term goals, such as physical balance and adaptability.

The individual is always in the foreground. We customise Pilates to our customers and their needs. For this reason, no one is excluded. A top athlete benefits equally from Pilates as someone who is undergoing rehabilitation or the person who is just having fun when exercising. Physical well-being, freedom and efficiency of movement, balance, improved body awareness and energy can all be attributed to Pilates. One has to experience it to believe it. Let the body speak!