Online Learning

First, let’s clarify the terms:

  • The curriculum is called: Slings Myofascial Training
  • The curriculum comprises: Learning Plans
  • The Learning Plans comprise: Courses
  • The Courses comprise: Learning Materials

Learning Plan & Courses

A Learning Plan covers the content of a face-to-face workshop; either completely or in part. What you buy from us are Learning Plans.

The Courses within a Learning Plan cover specific topics. They are equivalent to the components of a face-to-face workshop. Each Course takes between 20 and 90 minutes.

Within a Course you have Learning Materials. Learning Materials include videos and occasionally text, a task and/or a quiz. After finishing a Learning Plan, therefore the Courses within it, you receive an electronic certificate.

Learning Materials

Most of the Learning Materials are videos; both for the theory and the practise. You can watch, listen and practise just the way you do in a face-to-face workshop. The big advantage is that you can repeat as many times as you need - or like. 

Engaging in Learning

In her engaging manner, Karin will guide you through the theoretical and practical components. She will assist you in building a solid knowledge base and in the embodiment of our fascia-focused training concept.

Of course, the learning process doesn’t stop with a Course or Learning Plan. To deepen your understanding and refine your movement skills, more study and practice is needed. Either by repeating the Courses several times more or the old-fashioned way by taking a pen and note pad. You can also draw mind maps or exchange thoughts with like-minded people. Either way, you need to incorporate your new skills and knowledge into your personal practise or teaching. To integrate what you learn is part of your success story.