Course Descriptions


Anatomy Trains in Motion & Slings in Motion Repertoire

Content of This Learning Plan

This Learning Plan contains the core content and a specific exercise selection of the following face-to-face workshops:

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion: Core content.
  • Slings in Motion I, II and III: Specific exercise selection matching the ATiM content.

Content Ratio

  • Anatomy Trains in Motion makes up one third of the content.
  • Slings in Motion repertoire makes up two thirds of the content.

Anatomy Trains in Motion Learning Materials

The ATiM learning materials encompass:

  • Video clips.
  • Quizzes.

Educational Video Clips

Although Anatomy Trains in Motion is a theory-rich education, this series of learning videos is very practise oriented. Included are:

  • Anatomy Trains essentials.
    • Myofascial meridians: introduction.
    • Rules of the game: fun lecture on how to ‘play the AT game well’.
    • Body Reading: 7-Step body reading process overview.
    • Essential Events of walking: introduction and practise.
  • 3 Versions of the Anatomy Trains in Motion master class.
    • Essential Flow.
    • Dynamic Flow.
    • Gentle Flow with Chair.
  • Anatomy of the myofascial meridians.
    • Explained statically.
    • Explained in motion.
    • For you to experience with specific exercises and movement sequences.
    • Special features.
  • Movement anatomy approach.
    • Explained with practical examples.
  • Interplay of myofascial meridians in motion.
    • Explained with practical examples.


These quizzes are educational fun that will assist your learning. You can do them once or repeatedly to assess your content knowledge, recognize your strength and determine areas where more study is required.

Slings in Motion Learning Materials

We are proud of the first Slings in Motion exercise library that we can offer you! The exercises featured are extracted from Slings in Motion I, II and III. They match the Anatomy Trains in Motion content, which adds even more substance and practical value to the material. And last but not least, they are Slings favourites and we hope you and your clients will love them as much as we do.

Educational Video Clips

This series of educational Slings in Motion video clips contains:

  • 19 Different foundation exercises.
  • 50 Exercise variations.

It features 3 main categories:

  • Teaching: Myofascial anatomy and Slings training techniques.
  • Faulty movement patters: Seeing and understanding.
  • Practise: Embodiment.

1. Teaching: Myofascial Anatomy and Slings Training Techniques

All foundation exercises are demonstrated while the movement anatomy and applied Slings training techniques are explained in detail.

2. Faulty Movement Patterns: Seeing and Understanding

Common faulty movement patterns of all foundation exercises are demonstrated and explained.

3. Practise: Embodiment

All foundation exercises and variations are demonstrated and cued in detail, so you can join in to practise, practise, practise. The wonderfully diverse and fascia-focussed repertoire includes slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences.

Content in Detail

Detailed content descriptions of Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings in Motion I, II and III: