Online Academy

We believe that knowledge should be shared generously and that ‘vertical learning’ and embodiment need repetition. For these and many more good reason, we have established our Online Academy.

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Flexible Online Learning

Where you live, the way you work or family commitments can make attending a face-to-face course challenging. No matter what, we want everyone to benefit from our education. Thanks to our new online learning system, you can study and practise Slings Myofascial Training wherever you are and in your own rhythm (or the rhythm of your work and family life).

Blending Face-to-Face Education and Online Learning

Sometimes it might be challenging to fit a series face-to-face courses into your schedule. Our Online Learning is as adaptable as fascia. You can select individual Learning Plans to complement face-to-face education.

Resource Library

After a face-to-face course, do you sometimes think: I would love to hear this lecture again – revise the details of all the techniques I learned – catch up on the bits I might have missed - and practise the exercises, sequences and master classes again and again. Now you can! Our Online Learning also functions as a comprehensive and engaging resource library.

The Slings Myofascial Training education comprises 5 steps

Step 1) Online learning: Anatomy Trains in Motion & Slings Movement Application
Step 2) Face-to-face - future online learning: Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I
Step 3) Face-to-face - future online learning: Slings in Motion II
Step 4) Face-to-face - future online learning: Slings in Motion III
Step 5) Face-to-face course: Slings Certification Course