Your Daily Practise

We have some exciting news:

Karin has created 19 new movement sequences for you!

The album is called 'Your Daily Practise' and has been specifically designed as a home practise for movement professionals like you and for the 'normal Pilatista'. It provides training for your body from head to toe, and it gives you some new inputs and ideas for your own lesson planning.

You can buy 'Your Daily Practise' online from Vimeo. Have your home program with you always on any or all of your devices - phone, tablet, computer. How handy is that?

We hope you love this new and innovative way to access Karin's teaching and to keep your important personal practise in the art of motion flow, no matter where you are in the world.

Best wishes and happy practising!
Amy & Irene


PS: Have a look at the art of motion Academy online video collection.