Workshop: Tom Myers & Karin Gurtner

CANCELLED. "The Deep Front Line: A New Concept of Core."

Join Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers and pioneer of Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Myofascial Training Karin Gurtner for this exciting one-day event where you will explore the Deep Front Line and a new concept of core connection. Sharing their profound understanding of structural integration and resource-oriented movement, Tom and Karin will weave their unique collective wisdom together providing an experiential immersion into myofascial anatomy.

WorkshopThe Deep Front Line: A New Concept of Core
WhereMoscow, Russia
When5th of April 2020
Organizer & HostAnatomy Trains Russia

Through compelling presentations, palpation and intelligent movement sequences, Tom and Karin navigate an anatomical tour of the Deep Front Line, starting at the underside of the foot and traveling up the inseam of the lower leg and thigh, through the pelvis and trunk, up the front of the spine to the tongue. Topics are:

  •  Adaptability and spring in the feet
  •  Glide in the adductors and connectedness to the pelvic floor
  •  Kinaesthetic awareness and dynamic stability in the central core
  •  Ease and fluidity in the “3 tracks of the psoas”
  •  Expansiveness and depth of the breath
  •  Openness and connection from heart to head

Guided by these two master teachers, you will discover a new understanding of your core and fascia-focused core training, which is markedly different from the traditional focus that is often limited to the abdominal region and muscle strengthening.

Besides learning relevant bony landmarks, muscles and fascial structures, you will enliven the bodywide core with deliberate myofascial exercises that support dynamic stability, movement ease, fullness of breath, vitality and the feeling of being at home in the body.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the originators of Anatomy Trains and Slings Myofascial Training in this truly unique exploration of the Deep Front Line!

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