Webinar Series 2022

Off for a great start in the new year with our Webinar Series 2022: By booking a bundle you get now unlimited access to the webinar recordings.


After a long and intense thought process, careful selection of the right ingredients, seasoning with the most exquisite herbs, setting the perfect temperature and patient stirring, we proudly serve you our latest creation: The Webinar Series 2022.

As tastes are different, we have 3 rich series with different themes for you. All series are fine food for body and soul and will benefit you professionally as well as privately.

  1. Series UP & RUNNING

You will be able to enjoy 12 webinars presented by 8 renowned experts from the fields of fascia research, psychology, structural integration, physical therapy, sports science and medicine, and resource-oriented integrative movement.

Robert Schleip · Markus Rossmann · Joeri Calsius · Tom Myers · Carla Stecco · Julie Hammond · Fabiana Silva · Karin Gurtner

This creates a rich and nourishing blend of science and practice, cognition and inner wisdom, contemporary knowledge, and experience-proven applications.

Structure and content of the webinars

Each series has a specific topic and contains 4 webinars. While each webinar has a unique content, the webinars of a series are coherent, illuminating the overarching topic from different perspectives. The webinar structure comprises of 4 main components:

  • Topic-centred lecture
  • Coherent Slings in Motion lesson
  • Questions & Answers
  • Goldnuggets to take away

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