Let's celebrate! The Launch of the Slings Essentials Manual

Celebrate with us: the release of the SLINGS ESSENTIALS MANUAL + the EMBODIMENT VIDEO LIBRARY!

This has been a 10-year project to which many dedicated people contributed; therefore, we are going to celebrate the release of the book with our international community via a vibrant 15-minute Facebook-live. Join the fun and let’s raise a glass together until we meet again in person.

Date:   Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Time:    2:30 pm Swiss o'clock
Facebook Live:art of motion Academy Facebook page

See you later on our rooftop terrace in Berne!

Babuche, Karin, Mone, Patricia, Carola, Irene, Sarah, Martina

First page written in Bali in 2010. Countless versions drafted, revised, refined, deleted and rewritten. Early summer this year, the first formal publication of the SLINGS ESSENTIALS MANUAL + the EMBODIMENT VIDEO LIBRARY!

If you value movement and endeavour to be the best version of yourself, the Slings Essentials Manual will give you science-informed and experience-based exercise tools to attain or sustain greater:

  • Movement freedom
  • Postural ease
  • Movement love
  • Feeling at home in the body
  • Meaningful awareness
  • Radiant vitality

These are big, bold statements, made with care and consideration.

You will not find unbacked claims in this book. Neither will you come across theoretical information without coherent practical applications. Instead, Slings Essentials offers you a tried and tested Resource-Oriented Integrative Movement concept that is supported by current research. In addition to the exercise examples shown in each chapter, there are references to the Slings Essentials Embodiment Video Library, which contains twelve fascia-focussed movement practices and accompanying short stories. The Slings Essentials Manual comes with a 25% discount code for the Slings Essentials Video Library. See page 13 in the book.

Order the Slings Essentials Manual hereAccess the Video Library

Thomas W Myers about the book:
“Relax. This is more than a beautiful book, it is an important piece of work about our inner architecture - both its science and its perception. Take a breath before you peek inside. Prepare yourself for its scope, far more applicable than just another yogilates sequence. Now open the book and open yourself to the patient workings of Karin Gurtner’s bodymind."

The book is now available on Amazon and the Video Library on Vimeo on Demand