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Slings? What, why and how? Do you currently offer Slings classes or movement therapy & Slings on your timetable but have put the “writing a description for my website”-task into the too hard basket? Or are you actually still trying to figure out what everyone is talking about?

Pat has recently invested some time in creating a Slings community subpage on our website. Our goal was to provide you with some helpful marketing tools such as pre-written descriptions, images and more exciting things. The available content will help you energize your marketing and lift off Slings even more. We’re super happy to have you in our Slings community! Stay tuned for more community content to be released soon.

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Within the frame of our brainstorming we asked our educators what Slings Myofascial Training means to them, what they truly love about it and if it has made a difference in their life or the way they move. We just have to share these with you! Below is the first edit with Stephanie Ross-Russell, Kiki Vance and Leanne Hahn.

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