Webinar: Slings Nourishment

Save the date! Intelligent exercise is nourishment and medicine. In this free webinar, four different people share four different challenges, and how Slings Myofascial Training strengthened their somatic and emotional resources and resourcefulness. We believe many of you can relate to one or the other story.

Following, you are invited to join a Slings movement sequence in which nourishing exercises that promote self-healing are woven together.

Because all of us should feel nourished and because movement is a vitalising form of medicine that is available to you at no cost, we are making this live online event and the recording freely available.

If you are looking for additional outside-in nourishment, have your Slings Tools ready.

Registration closed

We hope you will join Heidi Savage (USA), Kristína Baumannová (Slovakia), Muriel Morwitzer (Australia) and Karin Gurtner (Switzerland) for this health-promoting webinar with long-term benefits!

Date: 16th of August 2020.
Time: 1pm-2:15pm Swiss O'Clock.
Registration: Closed

Upcoming webinars will be announced on our website, via art of motion Newsflash and social media.