Anatomy Trains in Motion Embodiment

We have a fantastic new online learning resource for you that allows you to learn anatomy while practicing and enjoying fascia-focused movements.


In this online course you will learn the Slings Myofascial Training relevant anatomy, as outlined in Anatomy Trains in Motion, in detail through movement. Understanding anatomy enables you to teach and move with great specificity, adapt exercises for different purposes or even choose completely different exercises where the benefits are not so obvious at the first glance.

The course contains educational movement sequences for each Anatomy Trains myofascial meridian (sling). For the body wide myofascial meridians we provide you with two movement sequences each.

In the “Anatomy”-movement sequence Karin talks you through the anatomy of a myofascial meridian as Tom Myers outlined it in his book Anatomy Trains.

In the “Functional Anatomy”-movement sequence Karin gets more into details and adds specific exercise related functions for each muscular and fascial portion of a myofascial sling.

Regarding the arm lines and the functional lines, Karin provides you with one movement sequence in which she covers the anatomy in detail and exercise related functions.

In addition to learning the anatomy and experiencing it in the body Karin will also give you an inside into the sensory qualities of each myofascial meridian.


This online learning course is perfect for students and teachers of Slings Myofascial Training and anatomy-savvy movement professionals and therapists who want to embody Anatomy Trains knowledge through holistic movement.


To support your learning, we recommend the Anatomy Trains in Motion Study Guide and the small set of Learning Cards.

The tools used in the sequences are the Slings Massage Balls, the Massage Domes, and the Kneeling Pad. You can use whatever you have handy or what works best for your body.

You can find all our Slings Tools in our shop.


The movement sequences aim to teach you anatomy and give you a felt sense of what you learn. They are not designed to teach you exercises.

Own your practice. Feel free to adapt the movements or use additional props to make the movements work for your body. Besides embraining anatomy, we want you to feel fantastic in your body.

Karin and Muriel will mirror you during the movement sequences to make it easy for you to follow.

Enjoy this anatomy in motion experience!

Get your new learning resource: Anatomy Trains in Motion Embodiment