Online Academy

Welcome to our digital campus! Scheduling a course with Karin has never been this easy thanks to the new art of motion Online Academy.

Today is a big day in art of motion history. Since the founding of our school, we have maintained the belief that knowledge should be shared generously and that complex anatomical theory can and should be translated into accessible and practical movement application.

While some of you have been part of our soft launch, we are proud to finally announce the opening of art of motion Online Academy, our digital campus. With this new endeavour, our aim is to continue to reach as many movement teachers, movement therapists and physical therapists as possible so their work can benefit from Slings Myofascial Training.

Does online learning replace face-to-face courses? Absolutely not, we’ll continue to offer courses around the world in collaboration with our valued hosts. The idea to launch an online school came from the deep-rooted belief that each of you knows your own learning style and schedule best. Some of you will continue to prefer face-to-face courses, while others would rather study from your studio or office over a few months’ time – either way your course will cover the same topics and you will receive the same certificate. Our online academy course is also a great way to repeat the course content if you have already completed a face-to-face course with one of our educators.

At present, we offer Anatomy Trains in Motion, which is the equivalent to the face-to-face Anatomy Trains in Motion course. You can start anytime, anywhere. All you need is a notebook, a mat, two massage balls and a touch of curiosity. Over 180 days, you can review the course content as many times as you like, developing your personal Slings practice along the way.

On our Online Academy website, you will find sample lectures, learn more about the prerequisites and get a tour of the platform. We are so excited to see you there.