Slings in Motion Blend Course & Course Book

For the international movement community, a Contemporary Pilates Open Source Library, containing nine in-depth manuals (English) with detailed photographic references, is now available at no cost.

Karin Gurtner dedicated a decade of her professional life to the development of art of motion’s Contemporary Pilates curriculum and the writing of in-depth manuals that have been serving movement teachers and therapists as a valuable resource since 2004. Because of the international success of the Slings Myofascial Training concept and the human resources required to provide the highest quality education globally, we needed to make a hard choice and discontinue providing Contemporary Pilates courses outside of Switzerland.

However, we couldn’t just let go of this core connecting treasure chest. We have created a Contemporary Pilates Open Source Library for you! We hope that these freely available instruction manuals will benefit many Pilates professionals around the world, and in turn, will benefit many of their clients, increasing social wellbeing at large.

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