New video: Lecture 3: Pilates exercise and tactile cueing

A Contemporary Pilates exercise and tactile cueing.

This new video clip is part one of a series comprising 4 lectures:

Lecture 1: Experience the difference between Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training
Lecture 2: Slings Myofascial Training: 10 fascial qualities translated into movement

Lecture 3: A Contemporary Pilates exercise and tactile cueing

Lecture 4: A Slings in Motion exercise and tactile cueing

Core topic of the series: Training muscles and fascia consciously.

Every movement is myofascial, however, not every movement engages muscles and fascia in the same way. An exercise can focus on muscular properties or fascial qualities. And depending on the kind of movement you do, the ratio can be very different; either favouring muscles or favouring fascia. Experience the difference between a muscular-focussed Pilates exercise and the myofascial interplay of a Slings in Motion movement.