New Slings Practise Video

Enjoy this 20-minute Slings practise with Karin. Experience a diverse blend of exercises that utilises and enhances a broad spectrum of muscular and fascial qualities.

Hop on your mat and feel the benefits of these exercises. Muscular length and strength, healthy tensile strength and expansiveness in fascia, fascial adaptability, elasticity, glide and hydration are just some of the benefits you can expect when practising Slings on a regular basis. Additionally you will train your kinaesthetic intelligence and therefore proprioceptive finesse as well as interoceptive clarity. In other words, your ability to coordinate movement in a well-timed manner and sense the quality of movement.

Ready? Roll out your mat, grab two soft massage balls (and optional a kneepad) and make your myofascia happy!

You can find more practise Videos with Karin and the art of motion team on our YouTube channel and on our Vimeo on Demand channel.