My Daily Practice: Hands to Heart - a mini retreat to take home

The master classes with Karin from the transformative Mountain Retreat in the snowy Swiss mountains are now available as On Demand Practice on Vimeo.

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Vitalising the body from hands to heart is central to the three Slings in Motion practices of this album. Each short lesson is distinctly different in repertoire selection, yet they share common features, making them equally valuable regarding exercise benefits. Your body will profit in similar ways, regardless of the sequence you choose to do on a given day.

Unique Features of the 3 Practices

Exercise selection

Utilisation of massage props

Common Features of the 3 Practices

Multidimensional whole-body training

Coherent and smooth functional choreography

Specifically selected exercises that focus on:

  • Dynamic stability in the trunk
  • Three-dimensional limberness in the hips, spine, and ribcage
  • Myofascial strength and multidimensional movement ease in the back
  • Spring in the legs and swing in the shoulders
  • Looseness, strength, and a feeling of connectedness in the shoulders, arms, and hands
  • Aliveness and touch sensitivity in the hands

Recommended Practice Recipe

Step 1:        In the course of a week, practice each short lesson once, to get a feel for the three practices.

Step 2:        Now, choose the short lesson that resonates most with you. Practice and embody it for several weeks.

Step 3:        Next, practice the remaining two short lessons once again.

Step 4:        Choose one of these two and commit to several weeks of practice again.

Step 5:        Practice the final remaining short lesson for several weeks.

Step 6:        Finally, for continued practice, choose freely from these short lessons based on your daily feeling or what is currently best for you. 

In general, regarding practice units, a minimum of two short lessons per week is recommended to gain the most short-term and long-term benefits for body, mind, and heart.

Hearty practice!

Karin Gurtner