Weekly Courses

We heard you - some of you have asked for a weekly course. Good idea!

You can now also attend modules as a weekly course. Make Thursday your training day. Let what you have learned sink in and practise it over the course of 5 weeks for each module. 

If you want to start your professional Slings Myofascial Training journey now, reserve the Thursdays from 18 August to 24 November 2022. You can complete your foundation level training this year and start integrating fascia-focussed training into your teaching or therapeutic work.

Every Thursday

8:00 am – 12:15 pm (UK time / UTC +1)
3:00 pm – 7:15 pm (Singapore time / UTC +8)

Courses on Offer

Slings Essentials
18 August 2022 – 15 September 2022
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Anatomy Trains in Motion
22 September 2022 – 20 October 2022
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Slings in Motion Blend
27 October 2022 – 24 November 2022
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